HubSpot, the Company That Markets Itself

Lot’s of good HubSpot articles in the news today.

Mass High Tech has two pieces, "HubSpot Handles eMarketing Surge" and "Online Video Marketers Win Customers with Webinars."

There’s another in MarketingProfs by HubSpot’s
gold-medal-winning Olympic hockey player Colleen Coyne. And there’s a
great new video on the That’s Great PR Blog.

It’s fun to be at a company that produces Google Alerts full of great press on a regular basis.

But what’s really cool is the extent to which people within the company amplify all this news.

It’s only lunchtime here, but Dan Dunn and Mike Volpe have already posted all this news on their blogs. Pete Caputa, Yoav Shapira, Dan Abindoor, and Ellie Mirman are tweeting up a storm about all the articles. And lots of others are posting to places like Sphinn and Yahoo Buzz.

HubSpot is still a pretty small place, so it’s exciting to see the kind
of authentic buzz its plugged-in team can get going.


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