What Works

Look at the things around you that are working (so many aren't).

Google. Barack Obama. Etsy.

all have a broader goal. They're known less for their business than for
the network of people around them empowered by their work.

Seth's new book, Tribes, he explains these big goals as ideas that
organize tribes (as opposed to ideas that are yelled at crowds). For
Gary Vanderchuck
they're evidence that you care.

However you
frame them, companies need to communicate big ideas. You can't talk at
your customers any more. You need to talk about something — better
yet, do something — that excites and empowers them.

Organizing the world's information is a big idea that excites people, and free tools like Docs, mail and Reader empower people.

Change excites people, and tools to organize your community and take action empower people.

Handmade is a big idea that people embrace, and a global marketplace to sell handmade goods empowers them.

HubSpot is a younger company and our big goal is just beginning to crystallize.

We want to help create a world where marketing means inbound marketing.
That means a far more efficient, authentic world where companies focus
on getting found, not finding customers.

This is a vision that is far broader than HubSpot — one that small-
and medium-sized businesses everywhere share and are beginning to
shape. Our job is simply to create tools and content that empower this


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