Here’s What Openness Means

The flat, green line below represents devices authorized to use licensed spectrum; the purple line represents devices for unlicensed spectrum.


Via Fred Wilson:

"my partner Brad called this 'one of the best proof points that decentralized innovation trumps centralized innovation'"

And Tom Evslin:

"Note the flat line of devices being invented to use the licensed
frequencies vs. the explosion of devices including WiFi, Bluetooth, and
many other technologies we now take for granted in the unlicensed

The innovation leads not only to new devices but also very low
prices and brand new services and products like WiFi hotspots and
Bluetooth cars.

The need for over-the-air broadband and expanded cell service
is greatest in rural areas where there also happens to be the greatest
amount of unused former TV spectrum. But there is a significant amount
of white space available in every market including major cities – note
the 22 channels in LA. That's important because it means that devices
and services designed for the white spaces will have a national market
which includes urban areas.

If Horace Greeley were alive today, he'd say "Go unlicensed, young people, go unlicensed." The opportunity is priceless."


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