News Is a Part of My Life, But Not as a Profession

Earlier this week somebody I respect asked if I ever thought about
getting back into the news business — trying to build Faneuil Media

The answer is unequivocally, no.

HubSpot is an extremely rewarding place to work; we are building something important, and it is filled with people I learn from.

HubSpot, there's a more fundamental reason I don't plan to go back to
the news business: Today journalism is less a career path, and more
something people just do. I was a photojournalist last night when I
took pictures of the fireworks.  I was a trade journalist this morning
when I posted video of a talk I gave last month.
I was an editor yesterday when I linked to the Kremlin's video blog.

I got into the news business because I love to create content and
help spread information. I can do that with my iPhone and my blog now,
so there's no need to endure the spiritual and financial pain of work
in a shrinking industry.

As Magdalena Georgieva, one of our many fantastic summer interns at
, put it in her job interview this spring, "news is always
something that will be a part of my life, but not as a profession."

Same for me.


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