More Data About Your Audience? I Know! Better-Targeted Advertising!

Two reactions to this week's announcement that geodata will soon be attached to tweets:

Department of Stale Media Models: "Biz touts the “cool” factor of being able to read tweets from people in your city or neighborhood to stay updated during an event like an earthquake (or even a cool concert), but the potential for geotargeted ads instantly comes to mind." (

Department of Technology & Business Improving People's Lives:
"A small business on Twitter could potentially use the location feature to reach out to local customers, or a Twitter user hungry for pizza could search for nearby pizza joints offering specials, for example." ( Bits Blog)

Let me think. As a consumer, do I prefer the restaurant that blasts my Twitter account with ads because I happen to be in the neighborhood? Or the one that reaches out to me with a personal message when I ask Twitter a question?