The Problem With Lying

Umair Haque on the Success of Times Select: The real problem with lying is that it simply never provides the incentives for people to embrace failure – and keep failing.

As Big as You Can Without Breaking the Skin

Ryan Lizza quoting Bill Clinton in The New Yorker: “When you grow a big pumpkin or you’re in a watermelon contest, if you
give it too much water and the skin breaks, you’re eliminated. And if
you give it too little somebody else beats you, because they got a
bigger melon or a bigger pumpkin. So it’s like, at the end, and in very
tense circumstances, there are these constant judgment calls. You know,
it’s kind of like being President—you want to make it as big as you can
without breaking the skin.” With that, Bill Clinton may have aptly
described his role in his wife’s campaign.