LinkedIn Apps? Try LockedIn Apps.

Folks I respect are very positive about the new LinkedIn apps.

Chris Brogan says, "Run to LinkedIn and
incorporate your stuff into your profile. Make sure it’s a great
complement to what you’re already doing, and amp up the way you promote
yourself using that service."

Pete Cashemore and the folks at Mashable put together a list of apps they want and say, "The Mashable team can’t wait to see these 5 apps coming to our
LinkedIn profiles."

I don't understand the excitement.

For me, Linkedin Apps = Facebook Aps – Vampires + Your Boss.

In all seriousness, what's the difference between the two?

LinkedIn seems to be positioning its application platform as a business-ready
version of the Facebook platform. Except Facebook's problem isn't business readiness. It's
walled garden-ness.

When I use most Facebook apps, I have to use them inside Facebook. I have to hand over my data, then manage it within their rigid constraints.

LinkedIn is no different. In fact, it creates MORE work for me since it's one more place where I have to manage my profile.

Here's what would have been (and still would be) very useful: if
LinkedIn let me get my data OUT of their site. Instead of leaving
LinkedIn, I would spend more time there. I would have more incentive to put data into the system because data inside the system would have more possible functions.

If the service was robust and flexible enough, LinkedIn would become a
hub of my activity. As it is, it will be a site I know mostly for its friend approval screen.

But then again, I'm pulling together thoughts
quickly. Am I missing something?