Why Display Advertising Is Dying

Steve Rubel: "Marketers need to really embrace the fact that it's peers and their
data, rather than brand, that will become the primary way we make
decisions. The greatest rewards will go to those who embrace and
participate in as many communities as they possibly can in credible


2 thoughts on “Why Display Advertising Is Dying

  1. Hi Rick,
    I think this is only partially true. Peer referral will continue to grow in importance in introducing new brands, but I think that display will continue to be important for reinforcing existing brands and for introduction of new product. Take for example BMW. I know the brand, so don’t need introduction. However, as an aspirational purchase for the mass affluent, it’s important for them to continue to support my perception as to precision engineering, superior drivability etc. etc. Some of this will come from journalists / road test reviews etc., a little will come from friends’ perceptions / how much they like their BMW, but a lot will likely come from my perception of the brand (and my sense of how others perceive it) – they will continue to spend. Or Tumi, the luggage manufacturer. First introduction was from peers, by word of mouth. Then I bought various items and am very satisfied. However, I don’t need more luggage. Yet, their most effective way of stimulating my demand is through display ads re new product – I see a cool new collection and am tempted – and may buy something.
    There’s absolutely reason to believe in the relative shift away from Display, not least because of the more quantifiable (i.e. justifiable to your boss) nature of e.g. lead gen, but at some point it will have been overdone – display has its place.


  2. Alastair — Thanks for the comment. You’re absolutely right. My headline here is a little strong.
    I will say, however, that we are so entrenched in the brand advertising ecosystem that during the transition to the type of balance you’re talking about it may seem like brand advertising is dying.


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